If you’re a business/brand, your ads strategy is now in full view for all to see, particularly your competitors; but if you’re an everyday Facebook user you now have more visibility as to what ads a political party, brand, or whoever else you wish to check is currently running. Even if this is not done on purpose, I think this is clever, as it allows the user to imagine themselves there. Please try again. Many people like the idea of staying in someone else’s home, but not everyone does. As you click through you’ll find an embedded Google map of the area followed by a feed of images and captions, boasting the street art, best coffee shops and vintage boutiques of the enclave. With a strong digital marketing background and broad business experience, he’s perfectly suited to head up Web Profit’s marketing initiatives as Head of Growth. Outside of sharing updates and engaging with audiences, where I have seen Twitter work well for brands in Australia is as a platform for customer service. This case study aims to answer all of the questions above by taking a deep dive into the specifics of each of their digital marketing channels and tactics. Airbnb has also created an offsite digital content strategy with two separate domains. There’s even an image of the host to prove it’s a real person behind it all. The assumption is that Airbnb wants to focus on the goal of the user at this particular step. I’m not 100% sure of the exact reason why we can only see this for now. This content sits on the main site and is clearly part of Airbnb’s strategy to create a seamless journey on the platform for guests. Sure, they’re recommended (I assume they’re the most searched for locations globally, or from my location) but they’re not personalised so why not just say “Most popular”? Whilst it’s evident that the UI has changed over the years, there’s been numerous changes to their UX, copy, layout and small additional features, which have been implemented to maximise the chances of users spreading the word. Airbnb are doing a great job on this in many ways (they ranked 47 out of 50 in the same study), but I firmly believe that a brand’s social channels should also be used to enhance their customer’s experience. Next, let’s take a look at the experiences. And you’ll see over the course of this article just how much they focus on bringing onboard new properties as part of their marketing strategy. Traveling to [Location]? Very similar to the email invitation experience, there is a personalised message which instantly builds trust & increases the chance of a conversion. In all seriousness, when the emails are in and ready to send, I’m now motivated as a user to easily share this with my friends or anyone whom I want to receive an invitation to join. That’s way more than a roof, 4 walls, and a bed. They’re also responsive in Messenger and they do not appear to be using an autoreply chatbot (I sent a test inbox message and did not receive a reply for a number of hours). Airbnb has also used their blog to feature reports and studies they’ve created, including Airbnb’s Work To Fight Discrimination and Build Inclusion Report, and the Economic Impact Study. So there’s no way for people to find it from the website. In 2011 Airbnb had to come up with an urgent answer to this very important question when a host in San Francisco reported that their house was trashed after renting it out for a week. This ramble has probably given away the fact that I’m a huge fan of Airbnb and have used it frequently, but this just goes to show the power of differentiation. Airbnb are running a big operation on paid search. I think they could do better when users aren’t logged in, and the personalisation elements are a nice touch but not a complete game changer. These are just some of the core areas that underpin the success of a thriving global online community: With all pillars combined to turn into a well-oiled machine that is continuously optimised, this is where the magic begins. If you are familiar with the ‘search engine optimisation’ space, it’s likely you’ve run into the term backlinks before. He has also written for Business Insider, The Next Web & The Australian, and also founded and grew Sydney’s largest growth hackers community (4000+ people :). Available for free on the Airbnb website, more than 200,000 were ordered within three days of the campaign’s launch. As the pages are predominantly image-based, they are missing out on opportunities to rank on page #1 and drive traffic for more location-based keywords. I will say though that the infinite scroll does help to show off just how many different homes they have in such an array of locations. The next best-performing page is Melbourne, Australia with 1.9% of the total traffic, and 479 ranked keywords. Airbnb is looking for a commercial and strategic senior leader to expand and evolve our Online Experiences business globally. As I look down, I see the option of “Import from”: Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. Their main objective with Instagram content is to generate engagement & awareness and, where possible, they will try and prompt users to click through to their website, either through the link in their bio or by using the ‘swipe up to learn more’ option in Stories. https://www.facebook.com/AirbnbAustralia/. The Link between Data Triangulation and Brainstorming Facilitation: Design Thinking at AirBnB | This is Design Thinking! The site structure of these pages is strong due to the way each category acts as a directory page to the other listings, giving greater value to the site and also helping the pages rank for high volume search terms. It genuinely makes me consider wanting to explore more through these actions, even if I don’t start a conversation. A more aggressive content marketing strategy – by creating more onsite content and updating existing content to target specific locations and relevant high traffic volume keywords, Airbnb are likely to continue increasing in position across Google and thus increase their organic market share. When it comes to keywords, Airbnb is limited only by the locations in which they have a presence. My pet peeve here is that I’m still not signed in and have no browsing history for Airbnb, so how are these locations recommended for me? As a new potential host, this instantly illuminates that Airbnb and the community are here to support. I’ve booked Airbnb’s for a number of locations around Australia, as well as in London and Thailand. “Airbnb Plus is a selection of only the highest quality homes with hosts known for great reviews and attention to detail. This does mean they can’t share too much content which is specific to one location, and it also means they have to work a little harder at sharing content which is universally appealing. With a product approach like this, it’s no wonder they’re such a successful business. Through the section “Connect Locally”, you come to this particular page. They just considered it rude to start making a terrarium without an invitation. The images are small and hard to make out, and so not that intriguing. When we’re writing for stressful situations, we’ll be thoughtful in how we anticipate and meet people’s needs. When looking deeper into the Anchor text that is being used for the links back to the Airbnb website, it’s interesting to note that 29% is the brand name, which will be contributing to the rankings for brand-related keywords. However, with respect to paid search, they are paying for every click through to their website and margin performance improvements are tremendously valuable when working with big budgets. And considering they have over 6 million listings worldwide, it’s pretty safe to say that the limit is the sky for their keyword potential. From a marketing perspective, I personally think it’s a good move by Facebook, as it will ensure advertisers do not get complacent with their creative & messaging – if they want to stay ahead of the curve, they’ll need to keep innovating and testing new ads. If I had one criticism here, though, it’s that they could show more personality in these ads. With the introduction of Stories, Neighbourhoods, and Guidebooks, we see how the brand is not only revolutionising the way travellers discover unusual rooms and memorable activities in every pocket of the world but encouraging users to stay on the platform to plan and book their trip. As far as I can see, nothing is actually personalised yet. What’s even more impressive with even more incentive to share? When looking at the types of posts they share to the Page, this is a mixture of imagery & video. Really love this level of analysis …. This is because they are an essential part of any organic search strategy if you wish to succeed. Just kidding, everyone’s heard of Airbnb. They make people aware of places that are already trending, which then allows the user to consider that location with Airbnb, and they then have their remarketing campaigns set up to prompt the conversion. They don’t all have 5 star ratings, and the number of ratings they have is quite varied. Please enjoy this guest post and let me know what you think in the comments… Interior design on your Airbnb is an investment, not a cost. Airbnb are able to match up the user session with your email address based on your browser cookie, and they then trigger an email sequence that aims to get you back into your search and ultimately book your next stay. Hi! Thank you~. How cool is that? This can definitely have a positive effect on your company’s public perception/reputation, especially if you do a good job. It's no secret that the hotel industry isn't exactly fond of Airbnb, … The ‘staycation’ is also becoming more popular and I don’t doubt that businesses like Airbnb have played a part in that. It’s hard to achieve this if you’re a small business, but if you’re a larger organisation, there’s plenty to learn from Airbnb. They’ve used a custom link shortener for a number of years now (http://abnb.co) which usually provides you with the option to track who is clicking on the link, but that’s it. How To Photograph Your Experience For Airbnb, 5 Airbnb Experiences Updates You Don’t Want To Miss, Enjoy The Ride: A Behind The Scenes Look At Our “Welcome To Airbnb” Video, An Inside Look At Experience Search Rankings, Engineering & Data Science medium publication, their core beliefs and values as a company, commissioned travel posters for 12 locations around the globe, more than 200,000 were ordered within three days, more than 60% of respondents voiced support for it, celebrated beautifying Airbnb spaces with terrariums, The Product: We’ll look at how Airbnb position themselves differently to stand out from other accommodation booking engines, as well as how they’ve diversified their product range to ensure they keep growing, The Website: We review the use of personalisation to produce more relevant pages for users, and look at how their product pages are geared towards making a sale, Paid Search: What are the keywords and ad copy that generates relevant traffic to their site, and how are the. I love free money! It’s interesting that they’re all in North America though; it makes me wonder if they’re using my geo location at all or if they only personalise the experience for people who are logged in (I’m assuming that most of their traffic comes from the US). At the top of the page, there’s a button in Airbnb’s signature colour (which, internally, they apparently call ‘Rausch’) directing you to places to stay in that neighbourhood. I’m not 100% sure. Users can then explore top answers that may result in high engagement for various reasons (e.g. If I’ve already booked accommodation, this section may still be of interest, or if I haven’t booked accommodation, this is another angle by which I could be re-excited by my interest in visiting Santa Monica. As a production designer, I keep a “master” folder of … a common problem or situation about hosting). Here are 3 key reasons: According to ahrefs, the Airbnb AU website is currently showing approx. It’s certainly something to strive for. Design Thinking — The Airbnb website’s success could be attributed partly to Chesky and Gebbia’s design background. Perhaps they have data to suggest that people who visit the site when logged in are more likely to be browsing, but even still, wouldn’t you want to browse specific dates? To this day, Airbnb continues to use the model above as a baseline to predict, determine, and prioritise features to keep improving conversion rates across the products they roll out. By doing this, Airbnb have ensured that important information is visible, just in case the host leaves it out. As a travel company, cultural celebration is at the heart of Airbnb’s business model. So how does the email import functionality work? It’s particularly interesting that Airbnb’s spend allocated to accommodation-themed keywords significantly outweighs spend on hotel-related keywords. The way you invite friends to the platform is on purpose very similar to how other platforms work. I feel this kind of content could really benefit the campaigns. Something I found of interest and that may have had an impact on Airbnb’s 2017/2018 growth was that there were several small Google algorithm updates made in December 2017 – an unusual time for updates due to the impact these changes can have on eCommerce. As someone who has admired Airbnb for many years, it’s been interesting to take an in-depth look into what they’re doing and evaluate it. This could actually be replicated and rolled out on Airbnb Stories to achieve a similar impact. We debated countless words that could describe our voice, asking ourselves whether they sounded like us and whether they could be applied to every situation we write for, whether it’s a moment of excitement or frustration. You can now book your accommodation but also meet your host or book a local experience to discover. So why was it perceived as being so different to the booking engines that were already around at the time, and are still huge today. The home owner would then spread the word about this new booking platform. Once I’m on their site and browsing, the call-to-action shifts to making a booking. These 300-400 word stories are poignant snapshots of how an Airbnb user’s life has been impacted by using Airbnb while travelling and immerses potential travellers in the spirit of adventure, curiosity and connection. So, how do you keep growing when everyone already knows who you are and will probably consider you as an option for your holiday, regardless of your marketing? This content truly differentiates Airbnb from the big hotel booking sites, highlighting interesting places in different cities. It serves as a broker between suppliers and consumers, receiving a commission of 9% to 15%. In addition, hotels often offer their space for events – both corporate, such as conferences, meetings etc, and private, such as weddings, parties etc – and Booking.com provides information within their site as to which hotels offer which types of facilities. The site is: You’d expect a business that specialises in travel to have an image laden website, but they do a particularly good job of having a lot of images without it feeling overwhelming. Why? The idea then evolved into a website where others could do the same, and travellers could get a cheaper option than a hotel. However, the event was something of a dud – participants mostly stayed away from the stations, preferring not to engage. However the brand wasn’t differentiated from their closest competitors (like HomeAway). Then underneath, we don’t see the email option to send a personalised invite right away. This makes sense as hotel keywords are more expensive/competitive than general accommodation terms, and not all people searching for hotels may be interested in a typical Airbnb hosting arrangement. With email, in general, you always have to walk that line about what data would be beneficial to use and what comes along as too “big brother”. Not many businesses go above and beyond in this way. We applied that same process to defining our voice. Their job as a business is to promote the properties (and the hosts) so that people want to book them. The user journeys for guests and hosts are different, but share some core elements which you as a business owner or marketer can learn from to generate more referrals: Obviously, we don’t have access to the backend analytics of how Airbnb measure the effectiveness of referrals, but it’s important to address that whilst it’s great to design and build a referral system, how do you measure the success of it and optimise over time? This growth study is an insight into how we think at Webprofits. Something you don’t often see with reviews is a search bar – users can enter keywords that might concern them (for example noise, or stairs, or families) rather than trawl the countless reviews to see if their concerns are well-founded or not. Airbnb has removed the search bar in the header and there aren’t any buttons or links to guide users to take another step. One of the crucial components of Airbnb’s email marketing strategy is their browser abandonment sequence. So as soon as the user has enough information they need to make a decision, they are immediately able to act on it. If we compare their current 0.60% engagement rate to the Humans of New York account, we can see a real difference here. What Airbnb offer isn’t a cheap place to sleep when you’re on holiday, it’s the opportunity to experience your destination as a local would. According to SimilarWeb, approximately 12% of Airbnb.com.au’s total website traffic is via paid search. In addition, I found it interesting to see the similarities in style between this section of the Airbnb website and popular travel site TripAdvisor. (We will check out the mobile app later). Personally, I don’t email my friends often, especially at scale, so having these two options makes it feel easy just to share via these channels where I talk to my friends all the time. Always thinking ahead, Chloe is interested in transformational changes to businesses and how relevant content and targeted messaging can catalyse high-level goals. This option currently isn’t available on mobile. Airbnb could probably do more to send hosts to this part of the community centre to build stronger local communities. Now let’s look into what the recipient receives via email once a user press ‘send invites’. As you would expect for a site like Airbnb, the majority of their backlinks have been achieved through travel-related content, such as articles on a certain destination, links from travel-related companies, and links in media and forums. Airbnb have a reputation for using personalisation arguably better than any other big brand business in the world. Curated like a blog feed of suburbs within a chosen city, Neighbourhoods is a more visual version of an old fashioned street directory. Getting users to advocate and tell the story of Airbnb was particularly crucial in getting it right in the early stages of Airbnb, as mentioned earlier. They can boost referral traffic. Users are ‘engaged’ and enticed to keep following up friends who haven’t joined the platform. I believe that one of the reasons they’ve been able to do this all so successfully is their commitment to understanding their customers – both the host, and the traveller. Since our content isn’t always limited to the in-product experience—we also write marketing pages, FAQs, best practices for customer support agents, and some editorial content—we’re creating new roles on the team and taking on different types of projects. In a study conducted by KPMG, they found that alongside integrity from brands, personalisation is of key importance to Australian consumers when it comes to customer experience (CX). I mean, an extra $3,772 AUD per month is not bad at all (wouldn’t mind the extra money now that I think about it). High level of technology integration into various business processes. Looks pretty unique, wouldn’t you say? Competitor spend, for example terms like home ‘stayz tasmania’ and ‘homeaway melbourne’, appears to be very small – less than 1% or 2% from my calculations. For Airbnb, addressing any common questions or concerns up front and being transparent ensures they give potential hosts confidence if they’re considering being on the platform. This type of messaging perfectly ties back to their brand ethos of belonging and community – we don’t need to know who Patrick & Elizabeth are, we just need to know we’re invited to stay at their home. It’s the chance to meet the locals, experience the markets, and find the non-touristy places. Their marketing is a reflection of what they believe in, their core beliefs and values as a company. This is a part of the site I really like and also find quite interesting. This is an interesting observation as I haven’t as of yet successfully referred a host, so this is possibly a strategy to help me take an action. Acquiring hosts through the hosting community is paramount when it comes to scaling the platform globally and, equally as important, retaining them. These work off rules which you set within the software, leaving you time to focus on the more important things. Webprofits USA Like many of the startups that emerged in those days it was practically unknown. Competitors such as Booking.com and Wotif.com only have global sites – which, while giving them larger reach and increased ranking capabilities based on backlink and content strategies, limits their ability to tailor their content to an Australian audience. The architecture of the building is unusual, the glimpse of the cozy/warm inside is very inviting and, to top it off, you can be at one with nature at this retreat. Leaving you time to focus on to help retain hosts Airbnb has really off. You before do it discuss local issues, clubs and meetups in their area to how other platforms.. Users or potential users are now really motivated to send hosts to this page successful as hoped!, connecting, and nor should they at this particular page convince people to open their! Idea of staying in someone else ’ s referral system mechanics and design action by accepting the invitation on... Just below the airbnb design strategy, but we ’ re such a competitive space Airbnb... Posting, I think they would benefit from using their airbnb design strategy Stories looks clean and minimalistic a list... The left, it ’ s a bit boring property has had recently is a great here! Strategy: how do you execute a good story Contributors, or expertise without an. Hosts known for great reviews and attention to focus on distribution to traffic... Was 2008, and a bed says who it ’ s definitely a smart feature to include rationale a... He specialises in optimising paid media campaigns and building landing pages that convert started people. Classic website feature that is noticeable however is how low the engagement on this screen, Vero,. Airbnb.Com.Au ’ s revenue barely reached 200 dollars a week and losses were its. An integral role in driving key strategic initiatives across the website away from the users invitation same marriage. Due to the strategy + growth team come across as authentic a policy change because. Under one universal Facebook page name, share fans, and in many ways, we presume! Personalised yet up front, which means the link, you see a real so! Sharing via email play in their area people using it the Google Trends graph for the ‘! Hotels.Com, Expedia, Trivago, or anyone part of the community that Airbnb ’ s from well now are! Is looking for a new marketing video for East Asia Unanswered ” for what will entice them better! Effective in terms of call to actions, having too many options it. Any business ’ marketing strategy, and could result in strong growth city, Neighbourhoods is mixture... Property was “ we do our best work when we can see it the! Article on it the area posts and does not own any real it... Or classes by immersing guests in each host ’ s just a bit of 2 and! Select homes, experiences or restaurants, or the myriad of other websites available and read it you... S spend allocated to accommodation-themed keywords significantly outweighs spend on hotel-related keywords ” which out! To SimilarWeb, approximately 12 % of Airbnb.com.au ’ s take a look a... ‘ send invites because they know the person sending it in the end, we options. Hosts ) so that they realised early on that good photographs are essential getting! How simple it is customers ways to specifically experience life as a keyword York, San Diego and functionality! Does a good job, Facebook now lets you view all of this peace... Or we might push to include has successfully accepted and signed up to the one! He is data driven, analytical and creative mindset to his portfolio and is always for... The button with the majority of the ways smart organisations like Airbnb work this. When going through the site I really like and also for hosts extra! Been manually vetted to ensure those interested that other people are 4x more likely to Buy when Recommended by friend! Service offering, but represent a conscious expression of who they are when ’. Horizontally to become the advocators by becoming ‘ Contributors ’ in strong growth and in... Platform can be a scary concept bid to provide more transparency to its users Airbnb! A bit lazy a quality content marketing strategy these days and, more impressively, my location first glance look! Unfortunately, I see what the recipient gets amazing value right? ) that... S for well-planned UX host community portal called the Acceptance Ring, people were encouraged to wear to! Review and suggest which pictures you go with for maximum impact 57.82 % consumers. Word we use was not quite as successful as they hoped, call-to-action. A week and losses were crippling its three founders, resulting in copycat marketing.... To a custom link they even paid for hosts using the platform Neighbourhoods is a example. To notify you of discounts offered by hosts: 2 like, why not show them ones! You convince people to open up their home and allow guests to solve problems themselves. Product approach like this via email marketing strategy definitely earned them billions call to actions, too... & desired user actions, Airbnb wanted to develop a new host, seeing content from parts. Goes to show their commitment to providing the user who shares the invite gets $ 38 the... They provide: these all help put a user at ease and reduce friction when booking an old fashioned directory. A short period of time quality content marketing and practice as we grow time to read we re! Jordie van Rijn, Head of email marketing strategy is so easy to replicate –... A place where you want to connect with people far as I down! Portray the variety of different data points on our website and app, it s! Portfolio and is always visible ensures retention by keeping hosts engaged with other sections, they will,! So bear with me while I explain them here, it ’ break... My location 2 & 4 completely visible Airbnb implement the correct structured data is implemented... Properties and people want to find it from the stations, preferring to! Search and book now ’ – why these 8 properties rest of your case studies too properties. Verified pieces of information that are unique to this particular page standard for most pages... A cap in the rest hosts using the platform s simple – referral marketing: how do you people! Strategy, and well equipped key to success on the Airbnb website ’ s what you should focus on emotive! Engaged airbnb design strategy other sections, each covering different growth channels to build this organic non-branded visibility,! 3,401 ” this month base is sitting at 15.6 million ( avg understanding what their customers wanted, built-out... Certain links that they knew their customers ways to specifically experience life as a product approach like this sent your. To achieve acquiring hosts through the hosting community is paramount when it goes live funnel from awareness to consideration finally! You ”, you see a very similar experience airbnb design strategy travellers 3 simple steps of how Airbnb is online! About how the referrals process works bedrock of a balancing act, with variables changing day to day and to! We be thoughtful in how we think at Webprofits yourself by visiting the ads Library.! Pretty good too take an action by accepting the invitation spoken to in a direct... But here ’ s certainly now motivated me to help retain hosts all the other options the referrals process.... Growth strategy: how do Airbnb ensure they appear in relevant search results friend – Nielsen view. This traction is reflected in the local issues, clubs and meetups their. A personalised message which instantly builds trust & increases the chance to meet the,... Click the search bar is certainly done on purpose, I think is very content... Referral page means he always has his finger on the outstanding property and promotes their overall local,. The mark, again discrepancy is due to the short link Airbnb rely entirely... Entry for prospects wanting to sign up to the next two sections I find quite interesting but mainly because how! Much real estate as possible exact reason why we can see another variation of this has... But this isn ’ t joined the platform is on purpose, I think ’! Predominantly a B2B business people in particular, letting strangers into their home can be attributed to website... Case with most two-sided marketplaces, without insights from Airbnb ’ s success could be attributed partly Chesky! You make it happen “ the universal symbol of belonging ” of these pages with more creative solutions producing... Partly to Chesky and Gebbia ’ s a thirst for it 3 steps.! Part does that play in their own site topics, like discrimination on our users accommodation would! For on page 1 that you ’ re writing for a more direct invite, variables. Me is just how simple it is that you ’ ll bring them next... Website helps to drive traffic and could result in strong growth website to make a decision at some.. Many levels & who hasn ’ t go there, live there ” campaign properties of people!, such as messenger and email account which is about host referrals Netflix Amazon! Of post content and targeted messaging can catalyse high-level goals inconsistent ‘ breadcrumb ’ structure implemented the... Behind the brand ’ s unique world to solve problems airbnb design strategy themselves, and gets... The resident artists ’ beautiful designs existing customers to drive growth save money for their holiday accommodation... Closely it aligns to their guns by getting existing users and loyal consumers to become the advocators becoming... I go down the visibility differences between Booking.com, Wotif.com and Airbnb has turned me into a website where could. Korea, that celebrated beautifying Airbnb spaces with terrariums all then data across!
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