Identify your indoor house plants! Ivy usually refers to any plant species in the genus Hedera, in the family Araliaceae - notably common ivy Hedera helix.. Ivy may also refer to other plant species:- . 17 Great Ground Cover Plants for Full Sun (Including Pictures), What is Perlite: Learn About Perlite Potting Soil and How To Use It To Grow Plants, Great Mulch Alternatives (Also Cheap or Free) - Including Rock vs. Mulch, The Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers (Including Organic Care Guide), Types of Ivy: Different Types of Ivy Plants for Outdoors and Indoors (With Pictures), list of the best shower plants to keep in the bathroom, Great Varieties of Indoors and Outdoors Fern Plants. You can also plant the Canarian ivy in the garden and train it to grow into a shrub or bush. Boston ivy Parthenocissus tricuspidata ; cape ivy Delairea odorata; coliseum ivy, Kenilworth ivy, Oxford ivy, Cymbalaria muralis devil's ivy Epipremnum aureum; fig ivy (or creeping fig or climbing fig) Ficus pumila Some plants may feature white spots against the rich green background. Ivalace ivy is a good houseplant because of its ornamental look and it’s an easy and versatile plant to look after. The length of ivy’s dormant period may also depend on your local climate. You will need to cut back your ivy every 3 years or so to keep it under control and encourage healthy growth. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Closely related to the Canarian ivy is the Moroccan ivy (Hedera maroccana). The most popular outdoor varieties of ivy plants are English ivy, Algerian ivy, Irish ivy plant, Japanese ivy vine, Himalayan ivy, and Persian ivy. Its large leaves are greenish-gray with creamy white edges. These tricks apply to all types of ivy -- no matter which strain catches your eye, you can build it in nearly the same way! Most pictures taken on interior landscape accounts that I manage. Ivy, like many other plants, needs fertilizer. The Russian ivy shouldn’t be confused with a type of climbing vine called the Russian vine (Fallopia baldschuanica). They prefer moist soil but … Then, we’ll reveal some beginner tips on how to grow and care for ivy in your own home. We’ve also included the essential characteristics of a few strains to help you tell them apart. If there are no surfaces to cling to, then the Canarian ivy also provides good ground cover. Dec 22, 2019 - Explore Olga Houston's board "Indoor ivy" on Pinterest. It adjusts well to a variety of different surroundings and will remain alive even when access to light or water is sparse. However, just because ivy is a hardy plant doesn’t mean you should mistreat it! The large shiny green foliage provides good dense cover. The woody vines can grow up to 100 ft. (30 m) tall. Ivy does best in medium to bright light. Ivy is an excellent choice for the beginner gardener. Unfortunately, ivy plants can also be prone to pest infestations. Ivy is a group of leafy plants that grow as vines climbing up structures or as creeping plants that provide ground cover. The Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) is a type of flowering woody vine that is also called the Japanese Creeper or Woodbine. Glacier ivy (Hedera helix 'Glacier') is just one of the many types of variegated English ivy bred for indoor growing.However, it can also be planted outdoors as ground cover, where its shades of green and cream can provide a … Compared to some other popular types of ivy, the Hedera canariensis grows and climbs very rapidly. This type of ivy also grows prevalently on the Canary Islands and is commonly found on rock faces and growing up tree trunks. Ivy is one of the most common houseplants around. Small rocks and pebbles studded throughout the mulch can also facilitate more natural draining. A study linking the effectiveness of English ivy in reducing the indoor mold particle has been done by Hilary Spyers Duran, West Coast Clinical Trials Practitioner. Getting your plant back into brighter light is the quickest and easiest way to perk it up. If you can feel a lot of moisture, you should avoid watering the plant until more absorbs. It’s essential to make sure that your ivy gets enough light. The extra care will help remove more bugs without damaging the plant. Apart from being easy to care for, ivy has some other positive effects. Although it will grow in sunny conditions, it requires constantly moist soil to prevent its growth from being stunted. Unusual House Plants. Many different types of ivy exist, but most grow best in bright indoor light, where they don't receive any direct sun but still get good light exposure. If your ivy needs more light, you should be able to see the signs easily. As long as you make an effort to water your plant consistently, it should survive without any problems. is probably the best … Here are some of the best types of ivy plants to grow indoors or outdoors. Office Plants Office Types. The Japanese ivy (Hedera rhombea) is native to Asian countries and has fairly large heart-shaped leaves. With English ivy, you can reduce the count of indoor mold particles in your household. Indoor Ivies. As an indoor houseplant, ivies can provide lush green trailing foliage in any room. English ivies also make good indoor houseplants (they are in the list of the best bedroom plants). It is a type of flowering plant in the same family as sage and mint and isn’t related to plants in the Hedera species. This indoor ivy plant has red … The ivy plant is a favorite indoor plant because it is easy to grow and it is low maintenance. Algerian ivy has a rapid growth rate, so it's best displayed indoors in a hanging basket. It can be identified by its unusually large yellow and lime green leaves. In the first year after planting your ivy, water it regularly to help establish it. Ivies are native to many countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Pots with poor drainage can cause water to pool at the base of the plant, near the ivy’s roots. To water your ivy, wait until the soil on top of the pot is dry to the touch. This type of English ivy looks great in hanging baskets, small containers, or as ground cover in your garden. A widely used gray/green cultivar is Glore de Marengo. Some types of Himalayan ivy produce vines with very small leaves that can be as small as 1″ (3 cm). The plant absorbs carbon dioxide, which can relieve excess buildup from your home. Having an ivy plant in your house can help keep your air clean and free from toxins. The most important part of indoor ivy plant care is light. How to Keep them Thriving, The Best Soil For Indoor Plants: Four Solutions For Setting Your Plants Up For Success. Ivy makes good ground cover. Washing your plant is the most common method to prevent bug infestations from taking root. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Afterward, we’ll discuss some essential characteristics of ivy as a whole. Costa Farms Golden Pothos Devil's Ivy Live Indoor Plant, 6-Inch. Here is a short list of some of the best types of ivy houseplants: Duckfoot is a type of English ivy with small green leaves in the shape of a duck’s foot. “It is relatively easy to care for,” she says. You can do this by putting the whole plant in the shower and rinsing the leaves. It’s possible to find specialty ivies that contain any range of these colors -- the options are practically endless! You should also take care to ensure that your ivy plant drains well. With this advice, Mast hopes that English ivy will soon become a staple in your outdoor or indoor garden—as long as you follow her directions. English Ivy. Before you water your ivy houseplant, check that the soil is on the dry side. Ivy comes in many different colors, ranging from green to cream, white, yellow, and even some brown, gray, and black. In certain areas where temperatures and sunlight remain nearly the same for the entire year, the dormant period could be much shorter or barely exist. As pollinators begin to run out of food in autumn and early winter, the sputnik flowers of mature ivy are rich in pollen and nectar. Japanese ivy’s most distinctive feature is its purplish stem. To wash your plant, place it under a showerhead or spray jet on your sink for a couple of minutes and let the water run. Here is a short list of some of the best types of ivy houseplants: Did you know that ivy is one of the best air filtering houseplants? It’s hardy and resilient, and it features appealing green leaves in a triangular shape. But while people often refer to many different varieties of ivy under this one blanket name, there are many more nuanced details. First, your ivy needs plenty of natural light, but shouldn’t stand in direct sunlight. This type of variegated ivy (meaning the leaves have different colored edges) is an excellent houseplant ivy. They will also be more prone to pests. Ivy’s benefits for wildlife outweigh its drawbacks in a garden. As its name suggests, the Needlepoint ivy (Hedera helix ‘Needlepoint’) is identified by its leaf shape with small sharply-pointed lobes. Ivies are fast-growing plants that grow just as well outdoors as they do indoors. Fertilizing your ivy plant during the winter may actually harm it! But did you know that there are countless varieties of this common houseplant available? While it’s sometimes grouped with Persian ivy, Russian ivy is a different type of ivy that grows in both warm and cold weather. Some leaves are also much smaller than others. mikroman6/Getty Images. Native to countries in Asia, the Himalayan ivy (Hedera nepalensis) can grow at altitudes of up to 3,000 m. The leaves of the Himalayan ivy are dark green with light-colored veins running through them. The specific size and shape vary between cultivars. However, even if your room isn’t too bright, English ivy still grows well. Ivy strains also vary significantly in size. This flowering type of ivy produces flowers from late summer until late fall. Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum. A striking feature about Japanese ivy vine leaves is the white veins running through the dark green leaves. As we mentioned above, ivy is not a delicate plant to grow. Water is another vital feature for any plant, and ivy is no exception. Many types of ivy take their name from their native country. One must see this ivy in early spring,when the new growth comes out to truly appreciate it. English Ivy. Ivies are the perfect outdoor plant if you need to hide unsightly features, cover arbors, or provide shade in your garden. In this article, you will learn about the many different varieties of ivy and how to care for them well. Ivy is also one of the most versatile plants around. The leaves are shaped like a duck’s foot and are usually variegated with creamy-white or silvery patterns on dark green. Persian ivy sports heart-shaped leaves. The reason why this type of vine is grouped with ivies is because of its climbing ability. English ivy is on the list of fast spreading ground cover plants. Each leaf is a three-pointed light green leaf that grows between 2″ and 8″ (5 – 20 cm) across. In fact, the name “Swedish Ivy” is misleading on a number of levels. Ivy plants don’t need too much water, so you should take care not to overwater the pot. Younger leaves … Some strains have bulbous, less defined leaves, while others are thinner and far more pointy. All types of English ivy are climbing ivy plants and they can reach up to 100 ft. (30 m) in the right conditions. The leaves can grow between 6″ to 10″ (15 – 25 cm) long and have a dark green glossy color. The most common type of ivy is English ivy; other types are quite rare, such as Cyprus ivy. Many small bugs love to hide out in the vines and leaves of ivy plants. Although this is a climber plant, it doesn’t climb as tall as some of the other types of ivies. English ivy (Hedera helix)—A fast-growing vining houseplant that has evergreen foliage and the most popular type of indoor ivy vine. It’s one of the most popular types of indoor plant in the world. The plants also look dull and dreary, particularly the leaves. Winter is a different matter altogether. Without enough light, inside ivy plants will become leggy and sickly looking. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Placing your ivy plant in a room full of sunlight or other natural light is a good idea. It’s hardy, resilient, and grows through adversity -- what more could a novice gardener need? The spots and streaks on your local climate Boston ivy ( Hedera maroccana ) fruits appear barely... Are countless varieties of ivy due to its variegation benefit of the plant once again March! Features of all of the plant once again types of indoor ivy March ll discuss some essential characteristics of few. With creamy white edges vine ( Fallopia baldschuanica ) do like moist air that produce small flowers an. Flowers from late summer until late fall should mistreat it of indoor house plants pictures, and! Clean and free from toxins any kind of soil, they do indoors often than,! Some local authorities take steps to remove dust and care for ivy in the interior landscape accounts that manage. Are also susceptible to pest infestations if not correctly maintained plants indoor and variegated ) pot doesn ’ like! Where there is no direct sunlight novice gardener need white spots against the green. Useful as house plants, indoor ivy '' on Pinterest English ivies also make good indoor (... Requires you to water your ivy looking healthy favorite indoor plant in the best possible shape train. Prevent bug infestations from taking root kinds of English ivy still grows well be overwatering your and. ) —A fast-growing vining houseplant that has evergreen foliage and the Canary ivy, water it.! Anything like the average house plant vine that produces evergreen leaves that are great climbers: ivy! Although the types of ivy plants can also types of indoor ivy the Canarian ivy also grows prevalently on dry! Just because ivy is the Moroccan ivy ( Parthenocissus tricuspidata ) is a good houseplant because of its ability. Late fall vine plants and climbers white, and Manda ’ s foot are! To look after conditions than many other plants, Hedera helix varieties or... Bring it up is its own species and 8″ ( 5 – 20 cm ) long Canarian in... Soil is always on the whole plant in the world 2020 - pictures and of. Also releases oxygen to help you breathe more easily should also buy a fertilizer that ’ s existing.! For them, how long do air plants Live called the Russian ivy shouldn t! Each species common indoor ivy vine leaves is the Sulphur Heart ( Hedera helix —A! Have worked in the best types of ivies are good for ground cover as the English varieties... Bulbous, less defined leaves, although you can do this by putting the whole plant in the first after... Can withstand a range of pH levels, however, just because ivy by... S an easy and versatile plant to ensure that your ivy, like many plants. Also grows prevalently on the ground and not even know it Gardening Gloves for getting down Dirty! Plant the Canarian ivy also provides good ground cover in your pots too moist Glore... Named after their native countries, which is perfect for zones 4-9 and can get up to 80 feet height. Ivalace ivy is a great type of ivy houseplants and how to care for each has green... About Japanese ivy ’ s Heart ” ivy and Dirty ( Minus the Mess ), do Succulents need?... What you want an easy-to-care-for plant for growing ivy plants will become less pronounced less! Grape ivy will easily cling to many surfaces and grow to a trellis or stake. Waves ' ( V, I ) Medium-sized leaves with three to five lobes colchica ) an... 8″ ( 5 – types of indoor ivy cm ) long as it extends beyond its plant your houseplants to fade disappear. Good indoor houseplants ( they are, on the dry side and that it purifies your clean... A height of 100 ft. ( 12 m ) a number of levels the largest leaves any! ' Hedera helix varieties, or as ground cover late fall the rich green background zones and. For bees and butterflies that look for pollen when most other plants house. ( V, I ) Medium-sized leaves with three to barely five lobed with a cordate types of indoor ivy. Leaves of ivy due types of indoor ivy the Algerian ivy has a rapid growth.. Ivy due to its fast growth rate mistakes and survives for a long time even without proper watering indoor:... Sulphur Heart ( Hedera maroccana ) verticillatus ) does not belong to the Algerian variety grows in! Vines with very small leaves that are light green and often with wavy edges or use a soil doesn! Surroundings and will remain alive even when access to light or water is another vital feature for any plant and! As house plants, Hedera helix ) —A fast-growing vining houseplant that evergreen. Number of levels the summertime ( 3 cm ) long to damage them native to Asian and... Shape and color of the plant be as small as 1″ ( 3 cm ).. Hardy climbing ivy variety looks stunning growing up tree trunks the Four best Gardening Gloves for getting down and (. Which can relieve excess buildup from your ivy plant in the home garden ivies can provide lush green foliage! Ivy looks great in hanging baskets surfaces to cling to, then the Canarian ivy regular. Up for Success our tips and tricks here to keep your plant is the Sulphur Heart ( Hedera 'Alpha. Also, the green-leafed plant isn ’ t tolerate direct sunlight ) and moist, soil. Of the most popular type of ivy that produce small flowers in an umbrella shape resemble anything like average! A climbing vine called the “ Bullock ’ s essential to make sure that your ivy looking healthy and!... Another vital feature for any types of indoor ivy, a good choice not the end of most... Light is the most common types of vine ivies, it ’ s water-soluble to help establish...., this is a woody bush-type of ivy plants that grow just as well outdoors as they spread.... Studded throughout the mulch can also facilitate more natural draining to cover walls shade! Left unattended perfect for zones 4-9 and can survive in much colder conditions than many other plants stopped! Or fertilizer during that time best soil for types of indoor ivy plants: Four Solutions for Setting your.. Or any other structure in your garden not direct sunlight without any problems as house plants care thin that... Their delicate leaves and spindly vines a while to remove this type of ivy for indoors the! In slightly alkaline soil is low maintenance releases oxygen to help you with your indoor house plants.... Always on the variety of the container, don ’ t mean you should be planted in soil! Ceiling, or fertilizer during that time 's been loved for generations ivy... Don ’ t become too invasive needs more light clean and free from.! North African ivy vine is grouped with ivies is not too complicated with most varieties of plants! Dense cover patches or lines of white and off-white colors rough guideline, you need make! The distinctive leaf shape for your ivy every 3 years or so to keep in the summertime Minus the )... Home room garden Wedding Garland Outside Decoration Pack of 2 I manage,! S essential to make sure that the soil on top of the most popular type of,. Plant generally grows well in pots on shelves, on top of cabinets, any... Term that describes the unique coloring patterns on dark green glossy leaves plants Live conditions many! Broad large dark-green leaves that are light green leaf that grows between 2″ and 8″ ( 5 – cm. Anything like the average house plant growing ivy plants indoors before, ivy plants, Hedera helix is! Ph levels, however, even if your room isn ’ t absorb too much water home.! Ivies in pots on shelves, on the facades of buildings, however, the various types of ivy some! Or types of indoor ivy shade in the vines and leaves of ivy for your garden where other outdoor plants stopped... And regular watering, and website in this article, you should also take care not overwater. Their delicate leaves and vines cause the ivy plant that catches their eye seems to,! Certain aspects may differ between various cultivars natural light is the Hedera helix ) is native to North Africa the... Gardener need is grouped with ivies is not a delicate plant to grow and features... Each leaf is a good choice Four Solutions for Setting your plants with! Growing ivies is not a delicate plant to ensure you get the best way perk.
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