Can't decide if I want to make or buy LO's food (he's only four months right now, so still working with oatmeal cereal only at the … Plum: These organic blends come in easy-to-transport pouches. The vegetables are so hard the baby spits them out and then won't eat. Seeking opinions on Beechnut baby foods from moms who use this brand. The flavors in the Beechnut and Gerber brands of baby food allow you to provide your baby with a variety of tastes that increase the chances that she will be willing to try new foods as she gets older. "Let your infant lean in and … Opened several jars of stage 3 Beechnut baby food-country vegetables with Turkey and Country vegetables with chicken. Beech-Nut: Options are available in jars … “We want to reassure parents that Beech-Nut’s real food for babies is healthy, nutritious and safe,” Beech-Nut said in a statement. Store-bought stage 2 baby food. Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann, author of "What to Feed Your Baby" has a list of "11 foundation foods" she believes will help children learn to love healthy food. The website Baby … Try pear, spinach, and pea, or banana and pumpkin.
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